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Alpha 13 Hotfix 3 - Murmel - 17.12.2015

Und schon wieder ist es passiert ein Hotfix. Spielt sich gefühlt ein kleines bisserl besser, allerdings
die Perfomance bleibt spätestens wenn die Zombies kommen im Keller. Mein Rootrserver
schafft grade mal 3 Spieler, kein Wunder wenn das stimmen sollte das jeder Spieler "angeblich"
für sich 6 GB an Speicher braucht.

Naja kommen wir mal zum Hotfix 3

Also ich werde nicht alles übersetzen aber zumindest folgende die auf die Perfomance eingehen.
  1. Speicherfresser im Multiplayer gefixt
  2. Fehler im Audio Aufruf gefixt
Man kann nur hoffen das noch weiter optimiert wird.

  • Alpha 13.3 Patch notes
    • Added: Negative sound needed for “No room in Queue!”
    • Added: Honey to Shamway foods crates.
    • Changed: Reduced MaxVoices across footsteps and many other entries for audio perf improvement.
    • Changed: Removed fix for memory leak as it seems to have regressions
    • Changed: Zombie bears never give up the chase.
    • Changed: cornmeal is now made from 1 corn and you get 1 cornmeal.
    • Changed: corn seed recipe is now 2 seeds from 1 corn.
    • Changed: Reactivated object pools on dedicated servers, better clearing of pools when no players are connected.
    • Changed: Lowered insulation values of leather armor.
    • Changed: Bandanas are now craftable and provide cooling.
    • Changed: Plant fiber hat now craftable and provides cooling.
    • Changed: Wind cools you more when you are wet.
    • Changed: Running and walking heats you up less.
    • Changed: Azalea bushes can now be harvested like flowers for 1 wood on pickup, and punched/mined for 1 wood as well.
    • Changed; 44 Magnum Parts, 44 Magnum Cylinder, 44 Magnum Grip, 44 Magnum Frame, Hunting Rifle Barrel, Hunting Rifle Receiver, Hunting Rifle Parts, Auger Blade, Small Engine, Handlebars and Minibike Handlebars all use generic sack model now.
    • Changed: Blocked local sounds playing on Dedicated Server in AudioManager.
    • Changed: Shamway loot container to be wood instead of cardboard.
    • Changed: Army camps to spawn only in the snow biomes in random gen.
    • Changed: Cobblestone walls and ramps take 4 to upgrade instead of 10.
    • Changed: stone recipe to match new stone yield.
    • Changed: Cobblestone frames only take 5 wood and 1 plant fiber instead of 10 and 5.
    • Changed: Wandering hordes, extended them to day 21 then they loop. Reduced number of dogs in wandering hordes and none will spawn on day 6, 7 and 8 so that for sure the night 7 horde will come.
    • Changed: Small audio performance update – mostly for dedicated servers.
    • Changed: Stone drops more rocks, proportionate to the resource boulders.
    • Fixed: Null ref in Audio stop call.
    • Fixed: Profile editor sex selection doesn’t enable correct options.
    • Fixed: Ability to have invalid character by having no profiles and pressing edit.
    • Fixed: Shade impacts core temp by -10 degrees F
    • Fixed: Denied resource sound isn’t playing.
    • Fixed: Dead zombies disappearing at certain viewing angles.
    • Fixed: Make workstations closable with “E”
    • Fixed: Dogs give up the chase after 25 seconds.
    • Fixed: NRe when damaging a minibike.
    • Fixed: Hitting Supply Drop Crate Caused An NRE
    • Fixed: One damaged wood spike could be picked up.
    • Fixed: Large trees now yield twice the wood as medium trees.
    • Fixed: Nails use auto weight calc.
    • Fixed: Shift click dupe between tool belt and inventory.
    • Fixed: Cobblestone walls can be repaired.
    • Fixed: Richwood stairs can be repaired.
    • Fixed: Garden Hoe mechanic exploit for easy expandable bedrock base.
    • Fixed:  7days memory hogs on mp games.
    • Fixed: Scavenger 10 unlocks Quality Joe for other players on dedi.
    • Fixed: Quality Joe not properly applying its bonus to items.
    • Fixed: Loot containers are empty for scavenging level 20 players.
    • Fixed: Various skill replication issues.
    • Fixed: Cloning of Skills wasn’t cloning all data.
    • Fixed: First level of unlocked perks were free.
    • Fixed: Players get stuck in loading screen. Delete profile required.
  • Note: We have some performance improvements but still have some things we can make better stay tuned.