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Valmod - Blue-Shark - 19.01.2016

Ich hab mal ein wenig durch das englische Forum gestöbert und dabei diesen Mod entdeckt...

Könnt ihr euch ja mal anschauen.

 Hier ein paar Informationen zum Mod (In Englisch)

This is a relatively large mod pack I've gradually created over time. It's mainly a collaboration of all my smaller mods placed together into one larger file. Those individual mods you can find here: Valmar's Mod Collection

NOTICE: My mod locks down the recipe a lot so that you need to learn recipes to do a lot of the things you could do freely in vanilla. If you would like to have a version of my mod that does not lock down the vanilla recipes behind books or workstation download the LITE version!

This version of Valmod was built on the A13 update of 7 Days to Die.

How to Install:
Right Click 7 Days To Die and select properties
Click the Local Files Tab
Click the Browse local files button.
Open the Valmod zip and the Valmod folder within. Inside is a Data and Mods folder. Drag and drop these folders into the game's directory, overriting when prompted.

#1. Class System
#2. Expanded Cooking Recipes
#3. Survivor Notes: Craft Recipe Books
#4. Working Electric Lights
#5. Craftable Working Ovens and Sinks
#7. New Plant Farming
#8. New Storage Containers
#9. Animal Snares
#10. New Weapons and Weapon Mods (Silencers, Shotgun Chokes, High Powered Scope)
#11. New Ammo Types
#12. Locked Down Vanilla Recipe System with Class Focus (Full version Only)
#13. Fire Traps
#14. New Blocks
#15. Expanded Vanilla Recipes
#16. Tranquilizer Gun and Darts
#17. Item Upgrade System
#18. Hidden Doors
#19. Automatic Wall Building
#20. Custom UI with a larger backpack inventory
#21. Custom Icons for Modded Items/Blocks
#22. Custom Armor Dye System
#23. New Workstations

NOTE: The below is a quick and condensed explanation of a few of the features. Please read the guide for more details.

Class System

When you start the game you will be given a Class Selection book and a Class Key note. With the Class Selection you able to craft/choose one of several classes. Search for “class” in the crafting menu to see the avalible options.

After you decide on a class you get a class briefcase that you then place on the ground and open either with your class key or breaking it. This unlocks the case which then can be looted to get all the class-specific recipes along with a bundle of starting items. If for some reason the briefcase doesn't unlock with the key you can break it open.

Expanded Cooking Recipes

Now the bowl serves a purpose other than making decoration. All stew recipes now require a bowl of water instead of a jar of water and will return the bowl to you when you eat.
Food recipes will require bowls of water instead of bottled water.

Bowl's can be be used just like glass jars to gather water. Just like with the bottled water you'll have to boil the bowl of water to get a clean version before you can safely drink it or use it. (Bowl of Murky Water turns into Bowl of Water).

Boiled food now uses a bowl of water as the cooking tool instead of cooking pot.
Cornbread uses a bowl of water as the cooking tool instead of a cooking pot.

Empty cans now serve a purpose as you can now pour your stews into them to get canned variants that have no smell.

Pour your canned foods into bowls and warm them up for tasty wellness-providing variants.

Survivor Notes: Craft Recipe Books

You can find Survivor Notes on zombie loot and other various locations which can be crafted into recipe books.
You can find all the recipes you can craft within the Study_Desk. Every recipe in the game can be gained this way and the Improvised notes, spiked club, explosive bolt, flaming arrow and armor-related skill books can only be learned with the Note system.
You cannot find armor in loot - it is exclusively player-crafted with the recipe learned from the related Note.
Corpses you find around the world can drop survivor notes or survivor combinations. This is a special item that can be used to unlock the Locked Survivor's Briefcase that is hidden in special loot containers called "Suspicious Stump". To unlock the briefcase after you have found it merely place it on the ground and "Repair" it with the Survivor's Combination.

Craftable Working Electric Lights

All the electric lights in the game have been made craftable by the player. To be able to craft these lights you will need to read the Tesla Electronics skill book - either by finding it or by using the Note system.
A key ingredient in all the electric lights is lightbulbs. You can find these in houses loot or you can harvest them from lights by using your bare hands to unscrew the bulb. The streetlight requires a headlight and now destroying any streetlight can drop a headlight - as long as you destroy it directly and not by fall damage.
There is a catch: Sometimes when you place them they will not light up. When this happens just pick it back up (you can pick them all up like candles/torches) and place them again. Repeat until the light toggles. After they turn on they should remain on.
Avoid playing lights side -by-side as that can sometimes cause them to glitch off.
You have to craft them from the Electronic_Workbench, which you learn from the Tesla Electroncs book.

Expanded Farming

You can now farm yucca, aloe and chrysanthemum flowers.
You have to turn yucca fruit, plant aloe, or chrysanthemum into seeds to farm them – you can't find them in loot.

You can also fertilize planted crops early in their life (in their first stage of growth) with turds. If you do the final plant, once its grown, will produce more harvest. a

To harvest plants you now have to actually use your hands rather than just clicking the E key.
You can use a shovel on plants to “dig up” that plant to move and plant it somewhere else.

#10. New Weapons and Tools

The following weapons and tools have been added to the game:

Item - Recipe Book
Bolt Rifle - Hunting Rifle Schematic*
Iron Bow - Weapon_Mod_Bow
Iron Crossbow - Weapon_Mod_Crossbow
Steel Fireaxe - Tool_Mod_Axe
Combat Axe - Tool_Mod_Axe
Boomstick – Weapon_Mod_Sawed-Off_Shotgun
Superior Forge - Tool_Mod_Forge

*The original hunting rifle now has a five magazine size before needing to reload. The bolt variant is a single-shot rifle but has a scope. The recipe for this is included in the vanilla hunting rifle schematic.

New Ammo Types

All the guns now have alternative ammo types that you can use. These types include:

9mm, 10mm, 762mm Hollow Point Rounds - The most damaging of rounds.
9mm, 10mm, 762mm Incendiary Rounds - These rounds deal a little extra damage and can set the enemy on fire.
Blunderbuss Shredder Ammo - Deals more damage and causes bleeding.
Incendiary Shell - Shotgun shells that set the enemy on fire.
Siege Shell - Shotgun shells that deal relatively little damage to enemies but a lot to blocks.

Upgrade Mod System

There are now weapon mods added to the game that you can find and modify your weapon with, such as Silencers. Inorder to use these upgrades you must first learn the relevant Mod recipe. The Mod recipes are taught to you after you learn the initial tool or weapon schematic, such as a pistol.

To craft these Mod Recipe you must use Survivor Notes to craft the Mod which can then be read to teach you the desired ecipe.

Here is a list of all the new Mod recipes and what they unlock:

Name - Recipes Unlocked
Weapon_Mod:_Pistol - Silencer mod.
Weapon_Mod:_Magnum - Silencer mod.
Weapon_Mod:_HuntingRifle - Silencer mod (hunting and bolt rifle).
Weapon_Mod:_SniperRifle - Silencer mod. High-Powered Scope Sniper.
Weapon_Mod:_SMG - Silncer mod.
Weapon_Mod:_AssaultRifle - Silencer mod.
Weapon_Mod:_Pump_Shotgun - Shotgun Choke.
Weapon_Mod:_Sawed-Off_Shotgun - Boomstick
Weapon_Mod:_Bow - Iron Bow
Weapon_Mod:_Crossbow - Iron Crossbow
Weapon_Mod:_Melee - Combat Axe, Machete, Spiked Club
Tool_Mod:_Axe - Steel Fireaxe.
Tool_Mod:_Pickaxe - Steel Pickaxe.
Tool_Mod_Forge - Superior Forge
Ammo_Mod:_44mm - Hollow Point and Incendiary ammo.
Ammo_Mod:_9mm - Hollow Point and Incendiary ammo.
Ammo_Mod:_10mm - Hollow Point and Incendiary ammo.
Ammo_Mod:_762mm - Hollow Point and Incendiary ammo.
Ammo_Mod:_Shotgun_Shells - Siege Shell. Incendiary Shell. Shotgun Slug.
Ammo_Mod:_Arrows - Iron arrows. Steel arrows. Flaming arrows.
Ammo_Mod:_Bolts - Iron bolts. Steel bolts. Exploding Bolts.
Armor_Mod:_Steel_Helmet - Steel Helmet (Steel set is upgraded from Iron)
Armor_Mod:_Steel_Chestplate - Steel Chestplate
Armor_Mod:_Steel_Legs - Steel Legs
Armor_Mod:_Steel_Boots - Steel Boots
Armor_Mod:_Steel_Gloves - Steel Gloves

The crafting grid has been further locked down with the new workstations.
Crafting_Workbench: Wood blocks
Industrial_Workbench: Metal, Iron and Steel Blocks
Masonry_Workbench: Stone and Brick Blocks
Electronic_Workbench: Electric Lights
Study Desk: Survivor Note Recipes